Part 4–6 (Finale): Myth Busters, Git, Starting Your Career, Advancing Your Career


Hello ☺️👋🏾 and welcome to part 4…5… AND 6 of Learn How to Code! It’s been a while (life got very busy), so I’m finishing off the series in one post to make up for lost time. Thank you for keeping up with these posts, I really appreciate all the support 🥺. Happy Black History Month!🖤✊🏾 I hope you started the year off great and have been diving deeper…

Part 3: Data Structures (DS), Algorithms (ALG), Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), Operating Systems (OS)

I’m reusing this picture from the last post, is this like repeating an outfit? 😅


Part 2: Coding 101: What Do All These Things Mean?


Part 1: Introduction and Getting Started

Over the past couple years, coding has increasingly become an in-demand skill. Everyone can benefit from learning how to code — it teaches you how to communicate, problem solve, as well as think logically, critically and creatively. In today’s society, coding is a skill everyone relies on in their everyday lives. Our smart phones, cameras, laptops, cars, refrigerators, even elevators— all these technologies involve coding in order to function. I’ve had many people come to me interested in coding, but scared to start…

Ellen M. Nkonya

iOS Engineer 👩🏾‍💻🇹🇿🇺🇸 | BSc in Computer Science

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